About Us

About Us
About us icon1 Turbo Brochures, Dynamic Online Flip Brochures is a division of e-City Solutions Inc.

Founded in April 1999, e-City Solutions Inc. is an Internet Technology Provider and Developer, involved in the development, provisioning and support of unique Internet solutions.

What we do...
Constantly expanding its portfolio of services, the company seeks out market opportunities in areas, which require the creation of new or enhancements to existing technology, whereby the introduction of these technologies serve to both enrich and simplify the online experience for Internet users.
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e-City always comes through, with our last minute development requests.
Mark Johnson
We have relied on e-City's hosting services since 2001.
Bradley Grosh
Turbo Brochures have saved us money, and our customers love them.
John Franklin
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Our Services
Utilizing leading-edge technology, e-City develops new and powerful Internet based applications that compliment the infrastructure of today's services and networks. Here are just a few of our services:
e-City Solutions is your premier provider of web based technology. Let us assist you with your consulting, development and hosting:
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Why Choose Us
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Turbo Brochures
Simple and easy to use Dynamic Online Flip Brochures.
Turbo Brochures provides you with a simple to use Control Panel, so that you can easily maintain your brochures.

You Upload - We Build - They View

Try Turbo Brochures today, with your first month for as low as $4.95.

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